Why Today’s Music Can Help Create A Major Change In Uniting A Divided World

Music is a powerful expression of emotions that reaches innumerable cultures, people and parts of the world with ease. Music has always signified a very robust and resilient part of entertainment. Songs have been tied to healing and even promoting normalcy in individual’s lives after heavy hitting diseases have struck.

As the world has enjoyed blissful moments, music has stood by like a proud parent joining in on the excitement they helped create. When pain and sorrow has struck in large doses, music has eased some of the afflictions, or even stood up for the broken. Music is a source of connection and strength. Music is the key to change.

Many social injustices such as poverty, racism and mistreatment have been addressed over beautiful melodic tunes. Entertainers have also used the proceeds from songs and tours to back various imperative causes that represent good footing for permanent change. Going back into history, the Civil Rights Movement brought on lyrics and strong messages against discrimination. This was not just done by black musicians, for Bob Dylan and others joined in on the revolution. Since then, while the songs may not be in large numbers, there is still music that promotes peace and addresses serious issues. This comes from artists of all color and backgrounds. “We are the World” remains one of the most prolific signs of unity among the most powerful singers and entertainers. The industry came together in a large outpouring of generosity to Africa’s famine epidemic.

Even with an influx of other topics covered by top artists today, it does not take everyone bringing the same message. The power lies in standing for something, on and off of the stage. Promoting discussions and activism is a commanding part of the change music can bring. Speaking on personal encounters or family stories, or even standing up for those who have come across some type of abuse, is still moving the world in the right direction. In recent years, police brutality has pushed its way to the forefront of the world’s attention and concerns. The world has also watched some of their favorite singers use their voices proudly. In 2016, there were at lease twenty two songs about black lives being just as important as others.

Music is the glue to rebuilding relationships and understanding.  It is a catalyst to numerous conversations and calls to action. Music has power, and people give it needed momentum. Because the connections is there across borders and religious divides, there will always be a ray of hope that only music can so beautifully offer. Nothing can take the place of music, but music can replace some of the pain felt all over the country and world.

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