Victorine Sarr Is Making Her Mark in the Beauty Industry And Giving Insight On How Her Faith Propelled Her Towards It.

 Victorine Sarr,  is a marketer by profession and has worked for companies such as Apple and L’oreal before taking a leap of faith and decided to become an entrepreneur.
Victorine was  selected among 500 young African leaders by Former  President Barack  Obama’s initiative The Mandela Washington Fellowship. That was  the boost she needed to branch out and launch her company. Lyvv Cosmetics is a beauty company with a focus soley for  women of color. As of  today on the market they have  products related to lips such as lipsticks,  lipstains and lipglosses  apart from having a wide range market in the US they also have  representations in Senegal, South Africa and Ghana. Victorine sat with Herfaith to share how her faith has helped her to sustain herself within the beauty industry.

Share with us what Faith means to you
Faith is a very important aspect in my life.  I’m a Christian but more specifically a catholic.
I’ve been raised like that since childhood, my parents having also a very strong catholic
background. For me, , my religion is the very essence of who I am as a person. My faith guides me everyday in all the decisions I have to make. So faith for me is what I believe in, here it is Christianity and all the values that go with it. Spirituality though is much broader concept with room for many perspectives. Like your sense of purpose,  your personal definition of spirituality may change throughout your life adapting to your own experiences and relationships .
What are some challenges you faced in life that drew you closer to your faith?
I am a person with measure and I like discretion, consequently I live my faith very personally and I don’t like to talk about it or show it too much. When I lost my brother a couple of years ago, it all changed for me. I was so affected by the loss that I started reading more and researching about my own faith. I wanted to find answers,  it was a tough period in my life and I know that if it wasn’t for my faith in Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t be able to continue living a happy life .
How were you able to overcome?
I had my faith in the Lord and in my religion in general. It gave me a purpose, more strength to face anything that could come my way as well. That’s how I was and am able to cope.
If you could give a small piece of advice to other women going through what you went through what would it be?
My advice would be to trust God. To know that there is always a reason for anything that might
happen in our lives . We don’t necessarily understand it at the moment when it is happening but life will sure show us with time that giving up is not an option and this life is well worthy of fighting for it every day.
How do you think your faith helped you to becoming success within this industry?
I always wanted to start something of my own and be my own boss. So I was getting myself ready for it  by consistently doing my homework  and researching everything about the
industry while still working in it. I always paid attention to signs and when I finally knew what exactly I wanted to venture myself into,  that’s when the Mandela Washington Fellowship came along in my life and gave me the opportunity I needed to start Lyvv. For me that was indeed  a sign from God. It’s not random at all, I listened and 2 years later we are still evolving and building the brand.
How has faith guided you thorughout life and other opportunities within your career?
For the same reasons I talked about earlier , the inner ability to listen to that interior voice.  Instinct really gave me the strength and vision when I needed it most to make some very important decisions in my life. There was always a sign to help me in my decision process of choosing a new career path or a company where I wanted to work.
 What does it mean to you to be an empowered women of faith?
It gives me hope . Hope to live my life like I want it , hope to accomplish everything I want to ,
hope to help all the important people in my life but more importantly the hope to make an impact on people’s lives



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