The mini purse trend has taken the world !


The mini purse trend has taken the World !

 Thanks to It Girls such as Shionat Turini or Dua Lipa  opting for this style lately.

Sure, a purse that’s sometimes hardly larger than smartphone may not seem super practical but for the fashion world, a mini purse is the season’s hottest new accessory.

Check out the best mini purses we found out for you so you can rock the trend as well.





Parisa Wang Addicted Bracelet Bag

This purse is THE fashion statement by excellence !



Mini Lady Kya Bag by Nene Yaya

If you’re looking to make a real investment in a unique purse, consider this gorgeous mini handbag from Nene Yaya. Their popular  Lady Kya bag gets the miniature treatment.Available in stunning yellow, calf skin and iguane skin details, this purse is small enough to be easily portable, while still large enough to fit your phone, credit card, and a pair of sunglasses.





The Twende Mini Crossbody by Aprelle Duany

The Twende Mini Crossbody is great for a night out with the ladies or that special date night. When only a few items are necessary and you still want convenience and sophistication, this Crossbody is the perfect accessory.

The Twende Mini Crossbody comes in a variety of colors.

Mini Miss Sicily Millenials by Dolce Gabbana


This gold purse is ultra-glam, and perfect for the fashionista who likes a bit of glitz and glimmer in her daily look.


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