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We had the chance to sit down with Fatimata Ba originally from Senegal and France and founder of Salyel , a brand we automatically had a crush on , and you will easily understand why ….

Where does the name Salyel comes from? Does it have a special meaning?

Salyel is my grandmother’s nickname, she was a proud, strong and, above all, very kind Fulani woman who, even though I knew her little, she gave gave me a strong heritage and fundamental values. 

How and why did you decide to create such a brand?

The Salyel brand was born from my fascination with tribal masks. 

Beyond their meticulously worked aesthetic , these masks are the link between the real world and a supernatural world, they have a multitude of forms, materials, expressions, symbols, powers and functions, which makes them an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 

I draw my masks with the inspiraNon of various influences: between tradiNon and modernity, across different conNnents and cultures 

Salyel is a tribe whose mask is a sign of recognition, it is like a mirror of our aspirations and our state of mind, a way of claiming a cultural heritage and belonging to this chosen tribe. 

Each piece is conceived as a revealer of the powers we have in us, because the way we dress has an influence on our state of mind and therefore on our aTtude. 

Each mask has its own history and power. The idea is to appropriate this power and invoke benevolent spirits, when we wear a Salyel piece . It’s really about becoming aware of the qualiNes we already have. 

What type of pieces we can find in Salyel collections?

Salyel offers a range of t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women in 100% organic cotton. 

Ornaments placed by hand bring a 3D design to the masks: pompons (handmade), cowries (shells), pearls, decorative nails, thread embroidery … They give more character and soul to the masks I believe.

Customizing all these ornments by hand is also a way of transmitting positive energies. 

Wearing a tradiNonal mask is exploring one’s inner self, seek one’s strength from within oneself to know and develop one’s powers. Resilience, self-confidence, serenity, combaNveness … all these powers have in common the asserNon of oneself. Behind each mask, there is a power but above all a path that leads to this awareness of its powers.

Dare to wear your mask is your latest collection name, could you tell us more about this collection?

For this new collection, we are going back to and honoring the fundamentals: traditional masks.
I imagined new masks with new powers. More than powers each mask has its own story in the form of mini tales. Because, as you know, it is all about becoming aware of your powers through the magic of masks by appropriaNng their stories and sharing them. I am convinced that we are what we wear. I like the idea of clothes that help to make us aware of our powers.

Here is a sneak peek of some of our favorite pieces from Salyel latest collection.

The Yemo sweater for self confidence

Yemo symbolizes self-confidence. When Yemo looked at itself in the mirror, it had a vision of itself distorted by the murmurs of malicious words that haunted him and prevented him from seeing himself as he was. it understood that self-confidence is both an armor and at the same Nme a force of aKracNon because the others will be more aware of your value if you see it already yourself.

The Karra mask, the determined elegant

Behind its coquetry with its imposing curls and its eye make-up ,the Karrra mask has a quiet strength in her…elegant, calm and paNent, but when the moment comes, it will reveal all its strength in case obstacles surface taking its desNny in hand.

The Dyara mask for resilience

The Dyara mask symbolizes resilience. It accepts the scars that are part of its story but decides now not to see the world through them anymore. Its eyes are wide open to the world, to the present and to what it has to offer. Its strength lies in its ability to turn the pain of the past into something beauNful and posiNve.

The Shaya mask the one who shines

Shaya mask is the one who shines with its confidence and beauty. It is inspired by the sun that rises every morning and shines whatever the weather. Shaya learned to love itself , it was a long but successful process of ups and downs. According to Shaya beauty is not superficial, it starts with self- acceptance. The headdress is made up of the Adinkra beauty symbol comb from Ghana.

found out more about Salyel on http://www.salyeparis.com


photo credits @museuniform

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