Let’s Talk Trends, Shall We?


It’s taken awhile but Summer is FINALLY creeping around the corner. As the Winter weather backs out of the fight, we find our side of town to be blazin’. Don’t get me wrong, I love Winter, layers and even turtle necks. However, there is something about being ‘Summertime fine’ that sparks more IG posts on my page than usual. The contrast in the weather plays a good relation on the inter-conflict I experience when deciding on what’s considered “too revealing” for a Believer.

As if it’s not bad enough that finding something to wear on any day takes hours, now I have to also consider a modest yet summer-like approach to my apparel ( while still staying true to who I am). Does anyone else have these problems? Yea.. we thought you would.  So what do we do? Balance it out.

Being a Believer, I’ve learned, isn’t about denying all the beautiful things that makes me ..me. From the trends I like all the way to the books I read, being an individual and knowing how to express oneself within your Walk is pivotal. SO let’s balance this thang’ out.

We found some fun trends that any Believer could rock while still sticking to their moral!

Where can you find the goods? Check out www.target.com and www.hm.com to snag some summer sales!



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