Khadija Aisha Ba, Owner of the Senegalese Brand “L’Artisane” discusses HerFaith Story

Khadjia Aisha Ba, is a designer from Senegal, she is the creative force behind the brand “L’Artisane”, a name which is used to express the fierceness and passion about fashion and design all shown in the handmade crafts. Khadija Aisha took time to discus with Herfaith what is her driving behind her creating the brand.

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What’s your definition of faith and spirituality? 

My definition of faith and spirituality is to believe in God; knowing that He is The One who’s the Beginning and the End of everything, The One deciding anything that happens in your life, at any moment.

Believing in God, is also to accept everything He decides, and keep praising Him, being thankful to Him.

What are some examples of trials and tribulations you faced in your life that made you 
want to clinch onto your faith?

We all have our bad moments or difficulties in life but we (myself) try to manage it because of our faith. Generally when God puts you in that kind of situations, He also bring you people who can advise you and making you let it go.

How did you handle these trials and what made you not fully give up ? 

By praying, asking God to help you face the difficulties and giving you the strength you need to get over. Sometimes you see somebody who is facing something 10 times more complicated than yours and keep fighting and hope from life. Automatically, you forget your problem and you try to find a solution.

Plus, working with my aunt make things easy. We share similar values so it’s easy working together, creating, going to the market.


What advice would you give other women based on your belief

Always keep in mind that good things and bad things happen, that success and failure also happen. Whatever happens say Alhmdoulillah, which means that you thank God anytime – then  keep thriving to get out of a bad situation or keep working hard to continue, make the best of a good situation.

Always be thankful to God, Almighty!

How has your faith help propel you in this industry?

Being an entrepreneur means that you don’t know what tomorrow will brings. On the top of that, the fashion, design & art industry is hard due to many factors you have to deal with: lot of actors, partners and competitors, looking for and finding the right materials for each piece, ensure quality in production from the ideas to live stage, etc. it very tiring and

So being a person of faith helps you to not give up. No matter what happens and how hard it is, you keep doing the work with love and enthusiasm.

How has your faith guided you throughout life and other opportunities within your 

I always have in my mind that God is the only one who has and know the good timing for us. Whatever you will do or anybody will try not to make it happen you must know that if God says Yes and one million of person say No, its a YES . All the opportunities come from him and I am where i Am because of him.

What does it mean to you to be an empowered woman of faith?

Being an empowered woman of faith means that you will never give up because you have God by side. When you put all in his hands the Game is over because nothing/nobody above him.




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