Karleen Roy Shares How Her Faith Has Played A Major Role To Her Success

Karleen Roy is the Founder of THE VANITY GROUP, a New York City-based boutique creative and lifestyle management agency, who specializes in Bespoke Event Production, Luxury Concierge Services and Talent Relations. Since launching, The Vanity Group has established itself as a trusted source of authority to their high-profile, globally recognized talent clients such as Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kobe Bryant, Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, Tyrese Gibson and Adrienne Bailon to name a few. Karleen sat with Herfaith to share how Faith was not only her driving force to success but how it was the glue that kept her together during her most trying time.

What do faith and spirituality mean to you?

Faith and spirituality are two key pillars in my life that, as I’ve become older, I am much more in sync with both. You need to have experienced some valleys and testimonies to be in touch with both your spirituality and sense of faith.

To me, spirituality is believing in and having a keen relationship with the supernatural, or the higher powers above; walking this earth knowing it’s bigger than us and more than what we see.

The formation of my business and life, in general, is heavily rooted in faith, which in my eyes means trusting and believing that without question that God has your back and things will work out. Even in the face of hard times when it ‘s hard to see. Faith can see the rainbow is near while you weather the storm.

Give some examples of trials and tribulations you faced in your life that forced you to clinch onto your faith. And, How did you handle them and what made you not give up entirely? 

My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the same time I was starting my business. And if you know anything about Alzheimer’s, it is a long and grueling illness to experience, and especially for the family because your loved one is essentially slowly dying in front of your very eyes.

My dad was our king and a strong man to not only our family but to our community back home in Memphis, to watch his health deteriorate was completely heart wrenching for me. 
At this moment is where my spirituality and relationship with God kicked into high gear. I wanted to crumble; I could not focus and spent a lot of my days depressed and in tears. But then, my thoughts started to change. My father was a real BOSS, and if he could he would tell me to keep pushing! As cliche as it may sound, it’s true! You never know why life unfolds the way it does, but the silver lining in my Dad’s illness was my relationship with God – not just knowing God and “religion,” but a relationship. And also, now that my Dad has recently passed, he’s my angel and motivation to persevere. He would want me to win; he would be so proud of me.

Based on your belief what advice would you give other women
I would tell any woman, no matter what journey they are on trust the process and don’t wallow in the low moments. And it’s natural to get discouraged at times, but the key is not to remain discouraged. Remember you need valleys to appreciate the peaks. You can’t have the sunshine without rain.

How has your faith help propel you in this industry?
The music business is tough, and without a moral compass, it can easily get the best of you. Being an entrepreneur is even tougher. Living in New York City is fuel to the fire. Faith is the reason I’m still standing. There are so many quiet times where I could have given up and taking an easier road when life looked bleak. My faith in God overrides all that – I always believe better days are ahead and this is just a hurdle.

What does it mean to you to be an empowered woman of faith? 

Being an empowered woman of faith means you’re a woman who fueled with the confidence and trust in God. And when you believe in God there is no need to worry. He got you!






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