How this Emerging Beauty Entrepreneur Is Defying Odds and Using Her Faith to Do It

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with the owner and founder of Allusions by Kole, Nikole Hunter. Our conversation was brief but left an impact. We spoke about her stepping out on faith to build a brand in a market that is saturated in the world of social media, but Nikole knew that because this is her passion and gift, that her gift would make way for her.  When you first meet her, she gives off the Allusion (pun intended) that she is very standoffish and unapproachable, but after a few laughs and storytelling she is the sweetest person ever.

When asked how to do you manage to not become intimated by all the different hair and beauty brands that appear almost every day on social media? Her response was simple and quick, “God gave me this vision and God will see it through, I can’t worry about everyone else cause if I do I won’t complete what he has purposed me to do”.

At the age of 4, Nikole recalls the time she was at her grandmother’s church and during altar call she went up when asked what do you know about Jesus?, again giving a very simple and quick answer “I know Jesus will take care of me”. Holding on to that very word to this day, when she wants to give up she is reminded that God will always take care of me no matter what I face. Nikole’s faith, determination and drive comes from seeing role models such as her mother and grandmother, who instilled in her the ability to trust and believe that with God all things are possible, the ability to know that Grace is sufficient and understanding to acknowledge his mercy when given.

Allusions by Kole, isn’t the average hairline apart from aligning with notable celebrities. Allusions by Kole is set to becoming a lifestyle brand that is developed and embodies every bit of her passion. Nikole is making it her mission to help other single women and mothers not just with her products but with her voice. For more information and products check out her site


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