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Lamyia Good-Bellinger. Is what she notes as a Kingdom kid, a wife, a mother, an entertainer and woman’s advocate. Currently starring in the new E! series ‘The Platinum Life,’ LaMyia shares her story of faith and why Faith is the catalyst that has kept her grounded, her marriage and family life flourishing.

HerFaith: What is your definition of faith and spirituality?

LaMyia Bellinger: My definition of faith is never giving up on the visions and callings God has placed on your life, Even when you can’t imagine how he’s going to get you through it. You Know he already went ahead of you the victory is already yours.

HerFaith: What are some obstacles you faced in your life that drew you closer to your faith

LaMyia Bellinger: I’ve had many successes and many disappointments both within my career and personal life. These frustrations start from being dropped from my record label which was something that I had placed all my time and energy. Only to have it snatched away with no clear alternative or backup up, but God had given me a vision, and he saw me through. But little did I know that my faith in him would take me from one victory to the next. What I learned from this is that God delights in elevating us to new levels, and sometimes we become so comfortable where we are that we don’t realize the very thing that was “taken away” or removed as we see it is only Gods way of making room for our next victory.

HerFaith: How did you handle these trials and what made you not give up?

LaMyia Bellinger: I surrounded myself with people who hold me accountable for my actions which build me up, those who pray for me. I also took the time to myself to pray meditate and refocus myself. But I think a big factor in staying afloat in hard times is being surrounded with people that care about you.

HerFaith: What advice can you give other women based on your belief?

LaMyia Bellinger: Don’t let other people’s limited mindsets keep you from pursuing God’s purpose for your life. God gave the vision to you for a reason, and a lot of individuals will not be able to see or understand it because of their limited experience and understanding. God does things that are far beyond what we can conceptualize. So stay faithful, and your victories will be endless.

HerFaith: If you had to go back in time would you change what you went through?

LaMyia Bellinger: I know for a fact that everything happens in our lives for a reason and ultimately for our good. I wouldn’t change a thing because this is how we learn and how we grow stronger in God.

HerFaith: How has your faith help propelled you in this industry?

LaMyia Bellinger: Being a believer in this industry has allowed me to stay healthy in an industry that can be cruel and judge. It is also allowed me to keep perspective of what it is that I do and whom I am doing it. It gives me stamina in the race to keep going.

HerFaith: How has your faith and spirituality guided you throughout your life and other opportunities in your career?

LaMyia Bellinger: My faith and spirituality have been the core navigation system for me throughout my life and opportunities in my career. It has allowed me to make choices that I feel good about and not take any opportunity that comes my way because of fear that I may not get another. It has made me fearless; It has allowed me to keep my dignity in this business and pass on any opportunity that would compromise who I am in this world.


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