Herfaith & Inspiration: Camara Aunique

Camara Aunique has been the magical hands on faces of some of our favorite celebrites including June Ambrose, Lisa Price, Terry Cruz, Garcelle Beauvais, Justine Skye and the list goes on. With a resume that spans as long as eight years, Camara has had her fair share of pain, trials and setbacks. But with her strong belief in God, her faith and constant determination to not give up herself, she continues to make strides and build an empire. Camara sits with Herfaith and shares why it is  so important to trust God through every process.

What is your definition of faith and spirituality?

For me, my definition is believing in God and just trusting him in everything that I do throughout my life.

What are some of the trials that you faced that drew you closer to your faith?

There are quite a few things, and I think the more you interact within the  industry. You face so many things and situations, that are not of God all which are learning experiences. I’m now at the place of my life that I have decided to not just start over spirituality but devote my entire life to it. I have decided to get baptized again, going in an entirely different direction. I was very much into a lot of various phases including Reiki, Tarot cards and other mediums like that. And through that, I was attracting a lot of horrible energy, and when it came to my career, i noticed it wasn’t going in the direction I knew it was supposed to go. That’s when I knew I had to make a definite change of course and direct my heart and attention to God.

Herfaith: How did you handle these most of these trials that you faced?

Camara: I fasted and prayed through it, and I was also fortunate enough to have friends that held me accountable for a lot of things. I remained focused and steadfast on what was most important, building a solid foundation with God and keeping a positive outlook on life. I refused to allow myself to be in content worry about why certain things weren’t going in my favor. I just continued to keep my focus on God and him alone.

Herfaith: Based on all that you have been through what advice can you give other women?

Camara: Trust God! Always! Trust God! Even though things may not seem to work out in our favor, always give thanks for the doors he has opened and as well as the doors that he has closed. Trust every process that God is taking you through. In everything that you do, always let people see God’s light through you.

Herfaith: How has your faith helped propelled you within the industry?

Faith has taken me in the direction that I want to go, and I’m very excited about it all of this unfolding within this short time. I have some amazing things in the works that will be epic.


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