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Meagan Good is an American actress, whose career has span as long as three decades. Good’s recent project is a Netflix film called Deuces as well as a book that she and her husband Devon Franklin wrote called The Wait, which gives you details on how to wait for love and the life you love. Meagan shares her faith, motivation and insight on challenges on how our faith can make us better.

herFaith: For those that only know Meagan Good the actress, how would you introduce yourself.
Meagan Good: Well yes,  I am an actress,  but I am also a author, a philanthropist and an activist. I have a foundation with my sister Lamyia, which is called the Greater Good. We mentor, help and empower women in general and just give them a support system. We have a curriculum that is based in the Compton school district. Partnered with the school district, we teach math, science, history all that stuff, but we teach it via the arts. In conjoined with the mentoring and having that support system for kids that learn differently from other kids. For instance, my sister and I we weren’t extremely book smart, but very creative. And sometimes, people will make you feel as though you aren’t as smart as the other kids if you don’t learn the same way, which isn’t true you just learn a lot differently. Some of those kids end up having behavioral problems, because of that. So we strive to do whatever we can to help out and I also have the opportunity to travel around the world with my husband and speaking at different things for young women or different church functions whatever it may be, in support of our book The Wait, which talks about not just celibacy, but just the waiting period in life. How when you basically gratification rather its relationships, career, whatever it is you wait for the thing that you want and you prepare yourself for it. How you make it easier to come into your life, and easier to get what you want instead of settling for something that is just right in that moment.

What is your definition of faith and spirituality?
Good: I’m a Christian, I love Jesus and to me my definition is just believing in him and trusting in him. And knowing that he has me no matter what happens good, bad or indifferent. The things that he does are for my benefit and to help me grow. And to mature and bless me. Faith is just an attitude of wonder, an attitude of hope, and choosing the positive perspective and just walking the faith.

What are some of the trials and tribulations in your life that made you want to clinch onto your faith?
Good: Well I didn’t grow up in the church, my mother always taught us we must read our bible and have a relationship with God. She was very much relationship over religion, so growing up I grew up in predominantly white neighborhood, I dealt with a lot of racism, I dealt with teachers telling me I was never going to be able to pursue the things that I wanted to do in life. I grew up in this business, it can be very hard and everyone trying to manipulate your path. My father wasn’t in the home; he is such an amazing man but he and my mother separated when my sister and I were 4 and 6. So my mother raised me and my sister and my oldest brother who has a learning disability and special needs and my younger sister who she adopted, so we had a very tight knit home. And I remember at one point we had about 18 people living with us in a four bedroom house and that’s how I grew up, always giving and loving almost to a fault. And so I think all the elements of how I grew up definitely made me a person of strong faith, strong compassionate and strong love for other people. Wanting to make a difference and not wanting someone to experience what I experienced and if they did allowing them to feel empowered by circumstance and not weaker.

What advice can you give other women based on your belief?
Good: I would say trust God, before you pursue anything in life seek him and make its what he wants for you and not just what you want for yourself. Cause if you have his blessings no matter what comes your way, no obstacles, no rejection, no matter what it is you know that you are going to win cause you know that he has already put it in your spirit that you are going in the right direction. I would also say to love yourself, know that you are perfectly imperfect but to God you are his perfect creation. Don’t ever give up, you don’t want to look back and say that you didn’t pursue what was in your heart because of fear or your own rejection, whatever it is. And lastly be a leader, don’t afraid to be yourself and carve your own path. Walk to the beat of your own drum.

How has your faith propelled you in this industry?
Good: It’s everything, there are a million talented, beautiful women in my business and I think God has allowed to come this far, I believe he will take me wherever he wants to take me because of my faith, I have never had an attitude competing with anybody else, I always believed that what’s mine is mine and no one else take it from me, what’s someone else’s is theirs and I can’t take it from them. I think I by the grace of God, I have never had any other job in my life, but being an actress and I have been able to do that consistently since I was 13. So over 20 years and that’s God. It can’t be nothing else but God, and I would say he knows my heart, he knows I’m not about fame and it’s not about me. He knows that I want to use what he has given me to help build his kingdom and to have influence wherever he wants me to have it.

What new and exciting things are on the horizon that you would like for everyone else to know about?
Good: I’m so excited I’m on set right now; filming my 10th movie called “the first date” it’s the corkiest, weirdest character i have ever gotten to play. It’s very Lucille Ball comedy, so I’m very excited about that. I’m also in the process of developing something very awesome, but I’m can’t talk about it yet but soon you will know. And I’m raising money for a film my partner Tamara Bass are going to do it’s a remake of Waiting to Exhale but for this generation. My sister and I have a clothing line coming out which is gear towards women and women empowerment, uplifting, sisterhood and kingdom kids. My husband and I are still touring with the book, it’s a great season in life and God is good.

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