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A lot of us see her works on some  of our favorite A-Lister, her visuals and creativity is very unique, eclectic, edgy and effortless. Fawn, has made her mark on the fashion and entertainment world for quite sometime. She is the founder/creative director for a “F your Style” a brand simply stating “Free your Style” giving all of us the opportunity to be free to create and be liberated with our own unique style. Fawn, sat with Herfaith and shared her story of why herFaith is so important in her line of work, why it’s  absolutely important to be uniquely you and how faith has been the constant in her life.

I’m Fawn. I’m from Baltimore, Maryland
I’m what most people would call in the entertainment industry “a Creative Director.”

Creative director’s responsibility is to formulate and to overarch a concept or concepts of  events, fashion, home decor, holiday decor and or anything dealing with aesthetic.

Religion is very personal.
Faith to me is a unique relationship with God and or a higher power.
My religion is being the best human I can be. And I do believe in a higher power that’s greater than me

I struggle every day in this world of entertainment. Which there is constant  worship of the  idealism of being “popular, perfect and Famous”  It can be challenging because I don’t fit the characteristics of all three.

I started out in this business as an assistant, having absolutely no experience as an assistant and definitely no experience with the entertainment world.  I struggle with just the everyday task any assistant would have to do.
Even though I’m working for my friend, Which is how I initially got the job. It wasn’t fair for me to stay in this position and not  be able to do the basic requirements of this job due to lack of knowledge. Not knowing what I was going to do.

My friend saw my struggle and saw in me what I didn’t see which was I’m very creative, and she allowed me the opportunity  to explore that a lot  more. Which helped position me to shine and grow,  I’m fortunate enough to surround myself and attract people of light, and they saw in me what I couldn’t see within me and around me.

It wasn’t easy at all because again remember I know nothing about the entertainment world and I had no formal training in anything that I’m doing. But it was what I needed to do or go back to Baltimore and I couldn’t do that. My family was depending on me financially and going back wasn’t  an option.

My faith, to say the least, has been challenged every day and still is.
Losing your faith in this business is quite easy and with the use  social media  everyone tends to be  a creative director, a stylist, a makeup artist, etc., all are indeed fantastic but challenging as well.
Even though I’m behind scenes of the wonderful world of la la land “Hollywood” it’s  just has hard and competitive as being in front of the camera. Most think they can do your job and/or thinks it’s easy. People don’t value creativity, or the work it takes to be uniquely creative simply because it’s something that most think  all humans have and it makes  it hard to deem creativity as valuable.
So creativity is sometimes belittled and always criticized and holds no  worth  to most.

How I deal with this is surround myself with like minds, and they help keep me sane. And try to meditate, which is my way of praying. Sitting and being still and speaking to my high power asking for guidance and patience. ‎And asking for the strength to not lose trust in myself.

All I can do is try to be the best  human I can be. Trust my God given talents. And understand there are no original ideas. The only thing that makes an idea original is you, and there’s only one ME. Confidence in you because God is in you.
That is all I  can do.


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