Herfaith & Inspiration: Deborah Joy Winans

Deborah Joy Winans, she is one of the children of gospel royalty The Winans Family. She has sang and praised her way to now being one of the actresses for Oprah Winfrey’s  new hit drama series The Greenleafs, find out how her life was forever changed the day Oprah showed up to see her perform in the play produced by her uncle Bebe Winans at Alliance Theatre in Atlanta and how herFaith has made provision for her to being the woman she is today.

When asked what does faith and spirituality meant to her, her response was very direct and profound. Growing up in the church all her life, and going away to college and coming back home to Detroit to serve in her home church. Deborah Joy always had faith that her gifts would make way for her, she was diligent and determined despite whatever obstacles were in her way. She knew faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen, and spirituality was just the thread that drew faith closer and made it more obtainable. She would sit in her living sofa one day and speaking to God stating that “whatever you’re will is for me I Submit myself and will be ok” Later that week, she was performing in the play produced by her Uncle Bebe Winans  called “Born to Win” and it was there she met Oprah Winfrey and that encounter forever changed her life and it was also that moment that her unwavering faith would later pay off and she would be casted for Ms. Winfrey’s drama series “The Greenleafs”

In the new drama series Greenleaf, Deborah Joy plays the role of Charity Greenleaf-Satterly which is the daughter of Pastor Greenleaf. There is drama, joy, pain and hope throughout this series but through it all it still encompasses faith.

Some trial and tribulations that Deborah joy endured while in this industry: I experienced lots of rejection, setbacks and let downs, but I knew this was what God wanted and needed me to be. I had to use my voice to not only minister to so many, but my story had to be heard through acting and singing to help inspire and change lives.

What are some things you would like to share with other women based on her belief: Never give up hope, never give in to the negativity of the world or the stigma that has been set up for you to fail. Hold on closely to your faith, keep God first and trust in his plan and not your own, understand and know that his will and way is far greater and a lot better than the plan you set out for yourself. And never ever give up on yourself, others may give up on you but you never give up on yourself.


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