Fashion Stylist Kanayo Ebi Discusses How She Continues To Build Her Brand While Building Her Faith

Kanayo Ebi, Wardrobe Stylist to Angela Simmons and creator of Kach It Project a platform created  in partnership with PopUp Africa curating international pop up events showcasing designers in Europe and Africa. Kanayo shared how her faith has allowed her the opportunity to remain a relevant force in the fashion world.


Thank you for taking time out to speak with us, What is your definition of faith and spirituality?

The bible defines Faith Best:  Hebrews 11:1: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. “trusting in something  you cannot explicitly prove. or something that has yet to happen”. To me there is definitely a huge difference between Spirituality and Religion. Spirituality focuses on a more personal experience and encounter, while religion is more impersonal and is just about following rules and the motions without understanding or any personal understanding or encounters

That’s perfect! So what  are some of the trials and tribulations that you have experienced in your life that made you want to clinch onto you faith?

There have been so many different instances that have happened that there was no other choice but to turn to God and hold on to my faith because at that point it was obvious that the only way any positivity would come out of any situation was only by The Grace of God. As human beings we so often, get so caught up in our daily lives and wanting to control everything. That we sometimes forget, we can’t control or fix everything and we also do not have all the answers but there is a Greater power than  us. And that greater power helps us to remember that HE is the source of everything we have and we do and He alone has the ultimate power to change and shift our destiny. And that is when our faith definitely has to kick in, to be able to let Go and give-up that control and Yet believe, everything will work out for our Good.

How did you handle these trials and what made you not give up?

PRAYER and Reading the word of God ( devotionals and the bible). All the answers we need to get through life is in that one book. God knows the beginning from the End, and so He Has already equipped us with all the knowledge we need to get through this thing called life. Most times we get so caught up living life and just trying to get through it we forget we have God and His word to guide us and these trials remind us sometimes that we are not But He alone is sovereign and thats our only way of getting through it. Trials are also an important part of our journey, because that is what helps us develop the necessary tools, strength and character we need to Strive at our destination But God just makes sure that even when those trials come, they are bearable enough for us and we find the lesson in them to propel us and make us better.  This is why prayers and spending time in the word is very important ( and I am definitely trying to do better with that because that has and is still sometimes a challenge for me to find that time- correction to make that time because its all about prioritizing and we have to get to a point God is a priority in our lives because that is who and what keeps us going each day.

What advice can you give other women based on your belief?

Hmmm, I will say Keep going, because as long as you keep going, you are always moving no matter how small the step.  You may not be where you want to be but you are not where you used to be. Progress is being made, no matter how small.  Find the lesson in the journey because that’s the most important stage and always Grow through life, not just Go through life. All of these make our destination feel all the more fulfilling. Lastly, Never let anyone tell you who you are and speak negatively into your life. Always believe and BE yourself. Always be willing to grow and strive to become a better version of yourself.

If you had to go back in time would you change what you went through? Why or Why not?

There are sometimes that I wish I could change somethings but each day I realize that every situation and everything we have been through in life shapes us to the very person we are today, whether we decide to acknowledge or learn from it or not. So to answer the question no, I wouldn’t. There are so many things I have wished I did differently if given the opportunity or things I wish I didn’t do at all but then again, I wouldn’t be the person I am today or the person I am yet to become if I changed any of those things. We just have to learn from them and again want to be and  do better.

How has your faith help propelled you in this industry?

If not for my faith 1. I wouldn’t be in this industry 2. I would have given up long ago and 3. My faith helps me believe in my uniqueness and gifts and the right way to maneuver through the industry with integrity and my morals still in place and not lose myself.


How has your faith and spirituality guided you throughout your life and other opportunities in your career?

Having that faith and belief just helps as the ultimate life compass. There have been so many opportunities and situations that I have found myself in, that I am not sure how I could have got through it if not for my faith. I am a firm believer in what is for me, will always be for me and will never pass me by. Also, God is for me and not against me, and the plans He has for me are those of Good and not evil ( Jeremiah 11-13) that comes from my faith. When you have the word of God guiding you and reminding you of God’s promises No matter how tough life gets or no matter how unsure you maybe about life or your career, you just know that as long as you hang on to God and His word that no matter what comes next, You are exactly where God Needs you to be and All will work out accordingly It might just take a little more faith on our end but no matter how small that faith, we just need to hold on and take that leap and trust we will grow/build our wings on the way down because God always Got us. Always!

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