False eyelashes: one of the biggest beauty trend in 2019

Kin reference by AF LASHES

Fake eyelashes can add quite a bit of “wow” effect to the average beauty routine. They plump for volume, extend for length, and darken for a dramatic—and pretty!

They are definitely the new beauty trend! Beauty addicts, designers, stylists and influencers are now focusing on it and everyone wants to have full, dense and eye catching eyelashes.

Here are some  style we absolutely love from AF LASHES:

Nairobi reference by AF LASHES

100% real mink fur lashes and create a very light yet full 3D effect for a everyday makeup look.

Nairobi lashes
kin lashes by AF LASHES
Kin lashes by AF LASHES

For a more dramatic look, these 3D mink lashes area MUST if you want to be noticed


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