Edwina Kulego Explains How Faith is the Driving Force to Developing Her Brand

Edwina Kulego is a global citizen who has a passion for exploring and immersing herself into new cultures. Edwina was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden by Ghanaian parents. In 2007, taking a significant leap of faith to move to New York City to further her college education in International Business. Moving to NY was the best decision she has made to date, and more so the reason she has developed as a person and was able to launch her career. Currently, Edwina manages International Business Development at UBM Fashion. This role includes assisting international fashion brands in creating pathways into the US market. In addition to helping develop fashion brand, Edwina is also building her brand Edwina Kulego; diving into public speaking and taking the lead within her community to encourage women empowerment. Edwina took some time to sit with Herfaith and discuss why her Faith is all she had while living in one of the biggest cities in the world, pursuing her dreams and why without Faith nothing would have been possible for her.

HerFaith: What does Faith mean to you?
Edwina Kulego: Faith is a unique and special relationship that I share with God. It involves letting things go and trusting that there is a high power that has all under control. My faith has led me to my current place in life.

HerFaith: What are a few trials you faced that helped to strengthen your faith?
Edwina Kulego: Moving to a vibrant and fast paced city like New York by myself at the age of 19 came with its challenges. I was young and sometimes naive. Dealing with failures and disappointments on a professional and personal level was something that I struggled with a lot . Those challenges brought me closer to God and strengthened my faith.

HerFaith: After you were faced with these trials, how did you overcome them?
Edwina Kulego: Knowing that I had an undeniable force working behind the scenes allowed me to “let go and let God.” Over the past few years, I’ve also learned that faith requires action to create real change. Prayer has been the number 1 step for me. God wants to hear from us, and he intends to know that we love and need him.

HerFaith: What is key advice would you give other women based on your belief?
Edwina Kulego: Prayer is certainly the key recommendation that I would give another woman. Many people are under the impression that prayer always has to be fancy and elaborate quotes from the Bible. I disagree, prayer can be something as simple as “Lord, I am going through a rough time now but I believe that you can turn things around,” or just “God, I need you.” Constant communication with God is essential.

HerFaith: How has your faith helped propel within this industry?
Edwina Kulego: Business is not always easy; hitting quotas, closing deals and making your clients happy doesn’t always happen. I say a prayer before heading into a meeting or conducting a presentation. It helps me to go in with confidence, knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

HerFaith: How has your faith guided you throughout life and other opportunities within your career?
Edwina Kulgeo: I truly believe that my faith has led to the many rare and wonderful opportunities that have come my way. From promotions to exclusive collaborations, I have seen God work miracles in my life. Three years ago I read a book called “Get Out” by Joel Osteen, and it highlighted the unique “shift” that God places in your life when you trust him and lean on him. The book changed my mindset in many ways, and I always recommend it to anyone looking to make significant changes in their lives.

HerFaith: What does it mean to you to be an empowered woman of Faith:
Edwina Kulego: Being an empowered woman of faith means that I can go through life knowing that I’m favored, blessed and fully capable of living the life that was specially purposed for me. It also gives me the courage and a platform to inspire and encourage others. God is good.


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