Deesha Dyer, Shares How Her Faith Shaped Her from Being a Girl From Philly to Being The Social Secretary for The Obama Adminstration

Deesha Dyer, is a speaker, writer, creative event and strategy consultant but most notably known as the former Obama Administration Social Secretary. Deesha, is also the executive director of a black teen travel organization called Deesha sat with us to discuss how herfaith helped shaped and develop her to becoming the woman she is today.

 What’s your definition of faith and spirituality?
That’s a great question. I believe faith is believing in something
that hasn’t yet materialized. It is something you can’t see or
touch, but you can feel. Spirituality for me is being in touch with
someone or something higher, bigger and more powerful than just your
own self. Not just being in touch with it, but also channeling your
actions and words through it. To me, spirituality helps guide me
through life when I feel I can’t guide myself.

 What are some examples of trials and tribulations you faced in
your life that made you want to clinch onto your faith?
WOW – I mean, my whole existence really makes me want to clinch on
to my faith. I think examples are when I dropped out of college at
17, was evicted from my apartment and terminated a pregnancy at 23,
deciding to go back to school at 30. I could go on and on but faith
definitely got me through even when I didn’t want  to give it any
credit,  I definitely regret nothing though.

 How did you handle these trials and what made you not fully give

My answer to how I handled them was because I didn’t have a
choice. I wasn’t going to give up on life so I just really dealt
with trials the best way I could at the time that I was going
through them. What made me not give up was the fact that I knew
these problems like many were temporary. At the time you go through
something you don’t think it’ll ever be over, but I knew it
would be. I also chose to focus on what I had been though in the
past and seeing how I got over those things – it made me confident
I could do it with anything.

 What advice would you give other women based on your belief?

I would say do faith your way – in the way that works for you. For
me, it is having a prayer group that I check in with, praying in the
mornings, listening to sermons a few times a week, meditating, doing
yoga. Do what you can and what works for you. Your relationship with
any higher being is your own. I can’t quote all chapters of the
Bible. I can probably do a few verses and the Lord’s prayer. There
is no Faith Olympics – so you don’t have to practice and train
like everyone else to be a recipient of grace. How you do it is up
to you and your God.

 How has your faith help propel you in this industry?
It has taught me patience with people, with myself and with
situations. Because, in any industry I have been in – whether it
be entertainment or politics, patience is definitely needed.

How has your faith guided you throughout life and other
opportunities within your career?
It helped to keep me grounded. It has allowed me to give myself the
same grace that I have been given. It’s has guided me by keeping
me alive to be honest. It has allowed me to humble myself and also
allowed me ask for help when I needed it. Whether that was through
prayer or through another human being.

 What does it mean to you to be an empowered woman of faith?
It depends on the day that you ask because if we keep it real – I
don’t always feel empowered and I don’t always feel like a woman
of faith so the answer can change. But today, I feel both and the
answer is it means to stand firm in the belief of yourself, your
talent, your beauty and your strength. It means that while flawed
and sometimes weak, I am still worthy of all things and I am enough
in the body and soul in which I reside. It also means doing a
service to pass along the good works that have been given to me.

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