Cocolili: A brand for prints lovers !

This ready-to-wear East African retail brand offering high quality tailored clothing and accessories for women, men and children is definitely our new crush !

Based in Nairobi, Kenya COCOLILI seeks to narrate the African story through its bold, vibrant and colourful prints which are individually customized for the brand.

The prints are based on African themes and motifs and are symbolic of the African heritage and add an element of ethnic pride. The aesthetic focuses on classic and timeless pieces that transcend time and culture and that allow for maximum adaptability and flexibility. 

What we love about Cocolili is the fact that they offer styles in a variety of prints and colours ranging from subtle delicate reflections to vivacious spirited pallets.

This brand is the perfect example proving that African fashion is not defined only by ankara fabrics.

With their collections available on their eshop ,offering worldwide shipping, you can rock COCOLILI from Atlanta , New York to Paris and more COCOLILI is a brand transcending culture, ethnicity and race but always remaining African at heart.

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