Career Coach Sarah Vermunt Discusses ‘Careergasm’ And Finding Job Fullfillment

Looking for work can be hard enough when you know what you want, but for some, the real challenge is figuring out just what their life’s wish is. Luckily, overwhelmed and frustrated individuals can now check out Careergasm, an online course and recently published book by its’ creator and founder, Sarah Vermunt. Unlike many other courses, online outlets or publications which promise success and fulfillment through more traditional practices, Vermunt uses her own unique style and experience to present a more approachable method to individuals who are looking to find a more fulfilling career and life.

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3 Ways to Change Your World With a Wonder Woman Mindset

Mindset is powerful. It determines values, construction of meaning, where you place your energy. Everything. It takes into account how you intellectually understand a concept and transforms it into how you live your life. Being open to shifting your mindset, especially about deep-seeded beliefs, is one of the best Wonder Woman traits you can adopt. Let’s look at three mindset shifts you can apply today to start your transformation.

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Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List Name Their Dream Mentors

Women@Forbes is recognizing National Mentoring Month by celebrating mentorship through the decades, from over 40s to thirtysomethings to, here, women in their teens and 20s.

You have to hand it to the women of Forbes’ 2017 30 Under 30. When we asked them to name their dream mentors, they dreamed big.

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