4 Ways to Obtaining Provision in Our Lives

Yesterday I attended my home church, and the feeling was different for so many reasons. Not in a wrong way but more like a feeling of sincere expectancy, a belief that no matter what I was going through, facing or about to endure receiving this word today would change all that for me. As my pastor was speaking, i could feel the presence of God reassure me that all is well! And then Pastor Dollar confirmed it by saying “Faith doesn’t make sense, Faith is to create manifestation,” that’s beyond powerful! What a beautiful feeling it is to know that all provision is made available, everything that pertains to life and godliness, how wonderful is that to understand that every single thing that requires us to live a fruitful, prosperous grace-filled life is already made available to us. The time now is to dominant!! Here are four principles needed to obtain the provisions for our lives.

  1. Believe it- We never get anywhere in life without first believing we can obtain it, thats why this is the strongest and most effective of all the prinicples.  If you feel good and believe good  will happen then all good things will happen, same as  if you think of bad things. The more you believe you are restored, delivered, healed and whole the more things will manifest and surface in our lives.
  2. Say It- No matter what we see or feel we have the power to speak against it, the moment a message is, or diagnosis, or report given we have the opportunity to respond accordingly. The law of believing comes into play because before saying it we have to understand what we are saying. Our words are like trains on a track; the train can either go down the negative route or the positive train-track, the more our words create the further the train goes down the train-track it is being instructed to go and will lead you to a positive or negative destination.
  3. Give- Giving in so many forms is another display of provision, the more you give of your time, finances, prayer, advice anything that is leaving the exchange of yourself to help empower, uplift and change the lives of someone other than yourself.
  4. Thanksgiving- Thanksgiving makes you whole, nothing missing or lacking, those were words quotes yesterday by Pastor Dollar. The more we give thanks not just for the big things, but even the small things it makes us feel whole and complete. Thanksgiving is a form of affection to God; it pleases him way more than faith. Because thankfulness is a form of humility and vulnerability, it’s acknowledging that you are aware of the goodness someone is doing in your life big or small.

If we apply these principles to our everyday lives, provision will be set forth in our lives, and we can begin to walk in the fullness of his love and joy for our lives. The moment we can separate our right thinking and approach everything with Grace thinking our lives and those around will begin to see a transformation like never before.


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