Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List Name Their Dream Mentors

Women@Forbes is recognizing National Mentoring Month by celebrating mentorship through the decades, from over 40s to thirtysomethings to, here, women in their teens and 20s.

You have to hand it to the women of Forbes’ 2017 30 Under 30. When we asked them to name their dream mentors, they dreamed big.

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Herfaith & Inspiration: Deborah Joy Winans

Deborah Joy Winans, she is one of the children of gospel royalty The Winans Family. She has sang and praised her way to now being one of the actresses for Oprah Winfrey’s  new hit drama series The Greenleafs, find out how her life was forever changed the day Oprah showed up to see her perform in the play produced by her uncle Bebe Winans at Alliance Theatre in Atlanta and how herFaith has made provision for her to being the woman she is today.

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After The March, What We Need To Do

Recently we all witnessed the Women’s March. Women all over the world came together with advocates, activists, entertainers and faith leaders to encourage, empower and inspire women. But now that the Women’s March is over, what do we do? As women and men, what does it take to live our best lives now? Some say the days […]