Author Latham Thomas Shares How Her Faith Has Allowed Her To Help Others Own Their Glow

Latham Thomas is a woman, a mother, a servant leader. She supports women at the threshold of change and her work is primarily centered around supporting expectant and new mothers. Latham is the founder of a company called Mama Glow and there she serves as a birth doula, she is  the author of Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within. Own Your Glow is a soulful guide to helping individuals become inspired, engaged and compelled to obtain change within themselves. Latham shared a few lessons with Herfaith on how she uses her faith to help others own and share their glow.

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3 Ways to Change Your World With a Wonder Woman Mindset

Mindset is powerful. It determines values, construction of meaning, where you place your energy. Everything. It takes into account how you intellectually understand a concept and transforms it into how you live your life. Being open to shifting your mindset, especially about deep-seeded beliefs, is one of the best Wonder Woman traits you can adopt. Let’s look at three mindset shifts you can apply today to start your transformation.

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