HealHaus : A place we love

To get the mind centered, HealHaus offers  four daily group yoga and meditation classes led by some of New York’s best and experienced instructors.

located in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood, this space includes two private practitioner rooms, where diverse practitioners  provide services such as reiki, acupuncture  and different forms of healing modalities.

 HealHaus  also provides workshops and panel discussions during the evenings that  bring together not only existing wellness lovers but newcomers.

The panel discussions address such topics as nutrition, anxiety, depression, mental health, and more.

 At HealHaus, their goal is to make wellness more accessible, so they plan to partner with top brands and companies that are committed to making this a reality.

 This healing also features a wellness bar and cafe seating at its storefront that serves personalized, curated teas, smoothies, elixirs, and coffee alternatives. Additionally, they offer four to five healthy baked goods (muffins, cookies, etc.).


Some years ago I was having a conversation with my mother (aka OG Judy) about love and family and she said, “There are some loves I believe you SHOULD be able to take for granted.” It wasn’t until recently I began understanding what this meant because aren’t we always talking about how we shouldn’t take love for granted? To use the analogy given to me recently by a friend, who’s more like a brother, this is like gravity. When’s the last time you thought about gravity? You don’t. Because it’s such a sure thing we don’t have to question it or worry if it will be there. This brings me to another sure thing. When it comes to healing we will break before we heal.

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Musicians Using Their Voices to Change The World

From foundations to beautiful messages, these artists are transforming countless lives.

Alicia Keys

(photo courtesy of Variety magazine)

As one of the founders of Keep a Child Alive, Alicia Keys has experienced a global reach beyond using her voice for music. She fights tirelessly for HIV/AIDS and has done so for over twelve years.  More recently, she co-founded the We Are Here Movement to educate the world on unjust issues everywhere. She has worked with major brands and corporations to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, as well.

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Garner’s Garden is Extending Healthy Living Into Everyday Products

Like it or not we all have toxins in our body. There are many ways to remove toxins out of the body including detox, cleansing and sticking to a plant based diet but in all honesty it’s very difficult to be completely toxin free. Toxins affect our bodies in different way. What could be more problematic with toxins is its effect on our skin and oral care. For many years many people have used the oil pulling technique to remove toxins and improve oral care.

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