Lace Wigs? Why not !

Ines Becker , hairstylist | Lace wig specialist

Lace Wigs are having a major moment in the beauty industry. For decades, they’ve been staples for event-going celebrities looking to quickly change their hairstyle for the red carpet without damaging their own hair.

But beyond the world of celebrities , wigs have been gaining major steam on social media, where skilled hairstylists showcase their magic for the masses. Every other day, it seems, a hairstylist goes viral for flawlessly blending a unit to the point where it looks exactly like it could be the client’s own hair.

Ines Becker under the name @lacefrontalforever on Instagram is one of them.

Based in Paris, in her “Boudoir Parisien de la lace wig” ( how chic!), she makes sure all of her clients comes out of their appointment with a flawless natural looking hairstyle !

Here are a couple of looks we love !

False eyelashes: one of the biggest beauty trend in 2019

Kin reference by AF LASHES

Fake eyelashes can add quite a bit of “wow” effect to the average beauty routine. They plump for volume, extend for length, and darken for a dramatic—and pretty!

They are definitely the new beauty trend! Beauty addicts, designers, stylists and influencers are now focusing on it and everyone wants to have full, dense and eye catching eyelashes.

Here are some  style we absolutely love from AF LASHES:

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The best lip stains 2018

There are some occasions when you need long-lasting color that won’t budge no matter what you throw at it – drinking, eating, even kissing 🙂 ! The best lip stains are the answer to all this.

What does a lip stain do? Well a lip stain looks and acts very much like your favorite lipstick, it packs a punch of color, you just don’t have to top it up as often.

However, just like with the best lip colors, you should also prep your lips before applying your stain it’s important to have a good base, use a lip scrub and good mositurizer moisturizer.

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