Rosalin Coleman Shares How Herfaith Has Helped Her To Create An Impact Within Her Community

Have you ever walked into an ethnic beauty supply store only to realize the only thing “ethnic” about it was the hair for sale and you? Growing up in East Pasadena, my family had to drive miles to the Black-owned beauty supply store to get the products we so desperately knew would work for our curls and kinks. Not only that, we knew the owners would help us — and I mean really help us. From my hair type to the latest products that would grow my edges back, these ladies (and men) knew it all. I didn’t know their struggle or what adversity they had to overcome to blossom as one of the best Black-owned beauty supply chains, then. I wasn’t aware of the social strains that molded them into powerhouses, either. Now that I’m an adult, I have so much appreciation for beauty supply chains that, with consistent aggression, aimed to show us that beauty comes in all products, communities, hair types, and shades.

VIP House of Hair & Beauty, for example, reminds me of that beauty supply chain we used to travel miles to patronize when I was a kid. Those child-like emotions revitalized themselves as soon as I walked into VIP, which is located in Lancaster, CA. Owner Rosalin Coleman (below) calls her customers sisters and brothers. She doesn’t quit until you have everything you need. Family-owned, Black-owned, and full of ambition, VIP House of Hair & Beauty has become a staple in the Los Angeles/Antelope Valley community area. We sat down with Coleman to get a better glimpse into her world, her challenges, and her inspiration.

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The Two Most Important Steps In Order to Maintain A Successful Business, Family and Relationship

As women, we pride ourselves in being the queen of Balance. We do a little shopping, a little business, a little love making, a little cooking, and a little us time. What is becoming a sore popularity is how many businesswomen find themselves wanting to pursue balance yet not having fulfilled roles to do so. What do I mean?

In 2012 over 80,000 professional women where quoted as “single”. Let me just note, there is nothing wrong with being single, as long as you want to be.

However, stepping out of singlehood into a relationship can be an adjustment for any superwoman. We turned to Business and Entertainment professional, Glenda Williams for advice on how to maintain a healthy business, spiritual life and family life. Being married for over 30 years and one of the biggest Philanthropist and Producers in Georgia, we took ear to Mrs. Williams’s advice.

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